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The Desi Pubs Project was run by the Creative Black Country team, it runs a story about the migration, survival, love and food within the Punjabi community. It shows where a classic English Pub intersects with Punjabi cuisine and Music.

Punjabi landlords have been salvaging the struggling pub trade in the Black Country for decades, by redefining the old English pubs for new communities. In and around the Black Country there are around 50 successful Asian run pubs which service Punjabi cuisine as well.

The Red Cow Pub & Grill was in the center of the Desi Pubs Project, with Bera Mahli & Gamy Hayre having heavy involvement and being in the forefront of the project. With interviews of the landlords being premiered at the Southbank Centre in London, alongside other Desi pub murals.



Parminder Dosanjh, Creative Director at Creative Black Country, comments: “The project is about telling this extraordinary story in the sincerest way and paying homage to the people at the heart of it. The story has many layers and includes tales of migration, survival, love, and the remarkable meeting point of the English Pub and once Indian migran


Open Hours
Monday – Saturday: 10am – 10PM
Sunday: 10PM
Red Cow Pub & Grill, 296 High
St, Smethwick B66 3NL